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Rovato: Quistini Castle and its Bio-Energetic Garden

Castel Quistini is an old castle built in 1560.
An amazing place that features a hall of 150 square metres and a reception room called Sala Grottesca which was richly frescoed in the 19th century, though the chief attractions of the place remain the beautiful gardens that surround the castle.

English roses that dot the grounds and fill the air with sweet fragrances, delicate flowers swaying in the gentle breeze; a real heaven on earth.

There is also a secret garden which is just a few step away.
It boasts thousands of hydrangeas; a view that will simply take your breath away.

But there is still plenty to see: the orchard for instance where one can admire old and new fruit trees or the enchanting English garden and if after all that walking you should feel a bit tired, don’t worry, you can always rest and relax in the first Bioenergetic garden in Italy; an harmonious and beautiful garden that will soothe your nerves and make you feel at peace with the whole world.
Entrance fee: 8.
00 euros; Opening hours : 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm; from Monday to Sunday until 27th July.

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