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Rome restaurants: Pancotto in Trastevere district

The Trastevere district in Rome has a lot to offer, including some of Rome’s best restaurants and night life, and having a bite to eat at night can be essential in this area.
The Pancotto pizzeria and restaurant is a good place to stop, with tables outside (on the footpath, it must be understood).

Pancotto is in Piazza Sonnino, and is a restaurant serving traditional dishes from Rome and Italy, with a mix of meat and fish.
The menu includes dishes such as spaghetti with clams and artichoke, ricotta, polenta and stew and many others.

The pizza is done in Roman style with a very thin crust and classic toppings.
If you’re in the know, you get complimentary bruschetta, and you could follow with an antipasto of mixed fried snacks or aubergine rolls.
The pizza is tasty and slightly smaller which is good news for those not used to the Italian tradition of a pizza per head.
For dessert, go for the fresh fruit of pineapple and strawberries with cream.
Pancotto is in Viale Trastevere 8/14.

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