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St.Mark's in Venice most beautiful piazza in Italy

After all the controversy surrounding pigeon feeding in St.
Mark’s square in Venice, our friends at TravelBlog have concluded their survey on the most beautiful squares Italy: and St.
Mark’s has come out on top.
The victory was not a given, as the survey had the Campo in Siena out in front until the last moment.

If you’ve got QuickTime on your computer, you can check out this virtual guide to the piazza, from the site Italyguides.
The most voted squares were:1st place: San Marco, Venice (41 votes, 17%)2nd place: Piazza del Campo, Siena (38 votes, 16%)3rd place: Piazza della Signoria, Florence (25 votes, 10%)4th place: Saint Peter’s, Rome (24 votes, 10%)5th place: Castello, Turin (20 votes, 8%)

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