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Dating schoolgirls: Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno on the Berlusconi scandal

In an improvised interview at the Paris premiere of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new character film, Bruno, the actor turned up in full character profile to speak with the people of Paris.
After a couple of jokes about French President Sarkozy’s height compared with his Italian born wife Carla Bruni, he moved on to fashion advice, including a quip about the recent Berlusconi-Naomi Letizia scandal.

Saying that Sarkozy should wear “the heels” and Carla “the flats” as she is to tall for him, Bruno said that perhaps Sarkozy should consider following Berlusconi and “date schoolgirls”.
For an idea of the unorthodox character, see the video above of the official Bruno trailer.

This is Bruno’s second foray into Italian culture that may prove unpopular, after he was thrown out of a Milan fashion event and subsequently arrested.
For the video of Bruno’s arrest, see our previous post back in September.

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