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Antonio Cassano: Italian footballer sets wedding date for World Cup

Italian football player, Antonio Cassano, from Sampdoria football club, has set his wedding date as June 19th next year.
He is marrying another Italian athlete, the lovely water polo player, Carolina Marcialisi, who has been his girlfriend for about two years.

Cassano is quite a character in the ranks of Italian footballers, known for his incredible natural talent, but also his laziness and almost naive style.

He is, in fact, quite lovable, but it seems his missed selection to be a part of the Azzurri, Italy’s national football team, has translated to him setting his wedding date for the summer of 2010.

Antonio Cassano has not been on good terms with Italy’s coach, Marcello Lippi, and the latter has copped plenty of flack from fans for not selecting the player.
Lippi’s response has been that in Italy, if football fans want to whistle and boo at the man who has given them the world cup, there is nothing to be surprised about.
And Cassano’s response, or possible provocation, has been to create an appointment for himself next year such that he wouldn’t be available for the World Cup, anyway.

Apparently it will be quite an exclusive ceremony in Portofino….
It’s a strange choice for a guy, but is all in a day’s work as Italian football meets gossip from Italy.

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