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Italian football players: Cassano and Buffon sing Volare

23 April, 2020
This is like all your worst karaoke nightmares come true, but sooner or later we had to write something about Italians and karaoke, especially Italians and karaoke and the famous song, “Volare”. Before Italy’s big match tonight against the Netherlands,…

Italy's football museum in Tuscany

14 April, 2020
Italy’s football museum is located in Tuscany, in the florentine area of Coverciano which is the technical centre of the Italian national football team.As a kind of sacred ground in Italian soccer, the museum shows the glory and pain of…

Euro 2008: Italy celebrates 2-0 over France

10 April, 2020
There is one thing in Italy that you can’t joke about, and that is football (or soccer). Italians are ready to talk about and make fun of themselves over just about anything, but don’t ever risk speaking badly about the…

Elena Santarelli to strip on MTV if Italy wins

9 April, 2020
So far Italy has had a pretty unsuccessful campaign at the Euro 2008 football championships, losing 3-0 to the Netherlands in its first match. To stay in the competition it will need to beat Romania in tonight’s game.And helping the…

Ex-Italian footballer calls Maradona a charlatan

25 March, 2020
Argentina’s 4-0 loss to Germany in the 2010 World Cup will only help to pour salt into the words of Diego Maradona who has already invested in press conference time this year by mentioning episodes of 28 years ago. After…

Six nations rugby: Italy to hold wooden spoon…?

24 March, 2020
Italy’s six nations rugby union campaign is underway, but the initial results are not positive. Italy lost to England 11-36 in the opening match of the tournament, despite an unimpressive game by the English.In the second match against Ireland this…

Italy for 2010 World Cup: high hopes

22 March, 2020
2010 is another World Cup Year and reigning champions, Italy’s Azzurri football team, will be carrying many hopes and expectations on their shoulders to repeat the 2006 Italian Word Cup victory. As it’s Friday, and we know you enjoy funny…