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All about wedding planning book

All you need to know about a wedding planning books in this checklist of things to do in arranging the wedding to make your dreams come true!

plan book
wedding plan book

For the perfect wedding, it’s necessary to have a complete wedding planning book. Follow this checklist to not forget anything!

1. Write it down

Begin with a wish lift for your wedding. Trawl wedding sites and look at the style of wedding you would like.

Wedding planning books are just the start of the adventure. So, write down exactly what you would like and add cuttings of styles which you would like to incorporate. You can also surf on the net to find some interesting ideas on relevant sites.

2. Plan for real

Use your wedding planning book to work out a realistic budget. Write down the essential first. Venue, dress and rings are at the top of the list then work out the number of guests you want to invite. Add a second list of people you would like to invite if funds allow.

3. Cost it out

Work out the costs of everything in your plan from invitations to visitor books and even your honeymoon planning. At this stage, you will probably need to adjust a few ideas or make a compromise.

4. Compromise or start buying

Once you have set the date and the venue is booked, you will need to let people know about the wedding. Save the date cards are a good idea and online invitations will let people know that a formal invitation will follow. Choose the decorations for your table planners and keep to the colour scheme. This will focus you and keep the wedding on track.

5. Do not overspend

Keep all your receipts and invoices in the back of your wedding planner book so that you can keep track of how much you are spending. This will save you from shocks later on. Ask your wedding co-coordinator at your wedding location if he has any recommended suppliers who will offer discounts and compare them to other quotes. Here some advices to follow for a cheap wedding.

6. Tick It off

As you organise or buy something, tick it off your list. Make a note of who has and has not sent their RSVP or their menu choice and delegate to a bridesmaid or usher to chase them up. Most importantly though, just remember that weddings should be a fabulous day. So, do not worry if plans go a little askew from time to time.

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