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What to look for when choosing page boy suit

Formal, sailor-style, military-style: what's the best suit for dressing a page boy during a wedding?

wedding suit for kids

Choosing the right suit for the page boy is very important. Indeed, weddings are something everyone looks forward to, even if you’re an Hollywood star or a British singer. Thus, everything must be perfect.

How to choose the right page boy suit

Choice of the suit

Boys wedding suits can be formal wear to match the groom or the ushers. Moreover, you can choose from a selection of page boy suits including sailor outfits, kilts or mini military uniforms. Boys wear from department stores is also a good option with a smart shirt, tie and waistcoat enough for a very small boy.

Choosing the style and colour

Your pageboy can wear the same colour as the groom or the bridesmaids. Keep the style simple with a black, navy or gray suit, preferably not a boys brown suit and add accessories in the wedding theme colour. A bright tie and waistcoat will be popular and adding a buttonhole will make the little chap feel very important.

Trying out the outfit

Wearing formal clothes can be a little daunting, so let your pageboy try out his outfit around the house first. Formal trousers and shirts will feel stranger and more restrictive than day to day clothes so ask him if any where rubs or itches and make sure that the clothes fit well.

Let him practice walking up the aisle and if possible, give him a responsibility. Looking after an order of service or checking on grandma will make him feel extra important.

Choosing the shoes

Little boys suits will not look right without a pair of boys wedding shoes, The shoes are likely to be worn only a few times so, don’t feel uncomfortable about buying second hand. Make sure that they fit well and give them an extra polish .

Give him some involvement

Pageboy suits may make the little boy look angelic, but remember that no matter how sweet they look they are just boys on the inside. Allow him to think he has some choice in the matter from choosing his shirt to posing for the photographs. Let him choose a small reward if he behaves well during the wedding and give it to him at the reception.

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