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Kanye West set up a fund for college to George Floyd’s daughter

Kanye West created a college fund for George Floyd's daughter, Gianna: he also helped the families of Arbery and Taylor to cover legal costs.

Kanye West
Kanye West college Floyd daughter

Kanye West has created a college fund to cover costs for Floyd’s daughterg towards charities associated with Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. The donations are worth approximately $2m to charities beside other financial contributions, according to a report.

Kanye West pays college to George Floyd’s daughter

West also has made up a fund in order to cover the college tuition for Gianna, Floyd’s six-year-old daughter. Not only that, he also has engaged to pay legal costs of the families of Arbery and Taylor.

Other donations will be devoted by West to black-owned businesses in Chicago, his representative said.

Forbes listed Kanye west as the highest-paid musician in 2020, this week, in addiction to the second position in the highest-paid celebrity ranking with $170m.

The racial issue

George Floyd died on May 25 after a Minneapolis police officer pushed him to the ground by his neck for almost nine minutes. Floyd was an unarmed black man.

Humiliated over Floyd’s death, some protesters and demonstrations has raged in the US States, also in Minneapolis. Before Floyd’s death, the Arbery and Taylor killings have fallen in the category of incidents widely recognized as racial injustice and police brutality.

Arbery was out jogging when was murdered by a father and son in Georgia using a gun. Taylor was in her own apartment when was shot dead by the police who broke in for drug raid, while a suspect was already in custody, reportedly.

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