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The most beautiful cinematic wedding gowns to take inspiration from: the photos

The wedding gowns on movies are always on point: here's the most beautiful wedding dresses from movies that can be your inspiration for your Big Day!

cinematic wedding gowns
cinematic wedding gowns

Cinema makes us dream, especially when movies show the “big day” of the protagonist, and we imagine to take her place. The cinematic wedding gowns are always on point, and they satisfy everyone’s tastes. They can resemble the Disney Princesses’ dresses, they can be made of lace or they can be in the most modern style.

Here’s the most beautiful wedding dresses from movies you can take inspiration from for yuor own marriage!

The most beautiful cinamatic wedding gowns

The effortlessly elegant style

If we talk about fashionable wedding dresses, it’s impossible not to mention the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1957 movie “Funny Face”. Thanks to this film, in which Hepburn played a Parisian librarian turned into a model, the actress became a fashion icon. Among the many looks, Audrey wears a tea-lenght wedding dress, similar to the costume used by ballet dancers. Silk bodice, boat neckline and wide tulle skirt, with a short veil and gloves to complete the look. The dress is by Givenchy, a perfect mix of simplicity and bon-ton.

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face

The Disney princess gown

If we are talking about style icons it is mandatory to mention Sarah Jessica Parker, or rather, her character Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of “Sex and the city”. Among the many dresses she tried for her wedding, at the end she chose the Cloud Dress, by Vivienne Westwood. Ivory duchesse silk corset with golden reflections and a very wide skirt in taffeta. If you want to be remebered by your guests, this must be your inspiration!

abiti sposa film

The hippie bride

The boho hippie style is the trend of this season catwalks. To perfect example of this style is the dress worn by Amanda Seyfried in “Mamma Mia!” It’s in the classical ’70s style, rich in lace, satin shapes and ribbons. The hair is left loose, as the fashion of the time, reminiscent of the waves of the sea. This is a perfect dress for the most romantic brides.

Amanda Syfried in Mamma Mia

The classical bride

Classic doesn’t mean less beautiful. To prove it we have Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, who, for the film “Bride Wars”, choose two classic dresses but with very different cuts. For their fairytale weddings, the two protagonists choose Vera Wang. A princely dress for Kate Hudson, white with a strapless bodice and tulle skirt. Anne Hathaway, instead, chose an ivory mermaid model. A single designer but two opposite models.

La mia migliore nemica

The sexy bride

The wedding gown worn by Kristen Stewart in the first part of the last chapter of the Twilight saga has a very classic cut. However, it hides details that make it sexy. Bella chose a dress by Carolina Herrera to marry her Edward. It has simple lines, but it’s made of chantilly lace. Moreover, there’s a row of 152 buttons on Stewart’s back.

abiti sposa film

Another sensual cinematic wedding gown is the one worn by Anastasia Steele, Dakota Johnson’s character in “50 Shades of Black”. The dress is from Monique Lhuillier. It’s made of white lace and it has a mermaid style, with long sleeves and a long row of buttons on the back. The veil is in tulle. It’s clearl a romantic dress, which does not hide the desire to appear sensual.

Anastasia Steele in 50 Sfumature di Nero

These were the most famous cinematic wedding gowns. From which one of them would you like to take inspiration for your own marriage?

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