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Giorgio Armani: luxury holiday on Main Armani yacht

17 April, 2020
Italian celebrities love their luxury Italian summer holidays, and who better than Giorgio Armani to show us how it’s done? The Italian fashion designer has spent his holidays in Calabria, touring on the Armani luxury yacht, Main by Codecasa.The luxury…

Italian Music: Mino Reitano dies at 64

5 April, 2020
One of the most popular voices in Italy, Mino Reitano, passed away yesterday at the age of 64, following a long battle against cancer. The famous Italian singer was born in a small village in Calabria (a region in the…

Restaurants in Calabria: Osteria del pescatore in Tropea

29 March, 2020
Calabria in the South of Italy is a place of incomparable beauty; a wild landscape that will make your heart go faster and fill you with a strange elation. But besides its natural beauty, Calabria has much to offer; its…

Italy's beach castle at Isola Capo Rizzuto in Calabria

28 March, 2020
Planning your next summer vacation to Italy? Keep this enchanting Italian beach in Calabria in mind if you’re planning on visiting Italy’s southern coast. Calabria has beautiful seaside locations and this is definitely one. Le Castella, at Isola Capo Rizzuto,…