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Giorgio Armani: luxury holiday on Main Armani yacht

Italian celebrities love their luxury Italian summer holidays, and who better than Giorgio Armani to show us how it’s done? The Italian fashion designer has spent his holidays in Calabria, touring on the Armani luxury yacht, Main by Codecasa.
The luxury yacht cost 40 million euros to build and is 65 metres long.

It was launched in the bay of Santa Maria di Ricardi, to the admiration of the holiday-makers, who followed it with interest on scooters, speed boats and even pedal-boats.
The Main yacht took three years to build, and the interior was designed by Armani himself.

As if the millionaires of the world worry about such trivialities, apparently maintenance is very expensive, with a full tank of petrol costing 40,000 euros.
The Main yacht with Armani on board has travelled the southern Italian region this summer, with an unknown itinerary.

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