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Italian yachts

Passion, Yacht & Emotions: luxury fair in Venice

23 April, 2020
From February 19 to 22 a luxury yacht fair will take place in Venice at the Molino Stucky Hilton called “Passion, Yacht & Emotions”. It will be held at the same time as the first ever masked fair in Venice…

Giorgio Armani: luxury holiday on Main Armani yacht

17 April, 2020
Italian celebrities love their luxury Italian summer holidays, and who better than Giorgio Armani to show us how it’s done? The Italian fashion designer has spent his holidays in Calabria, touring on the Armani luxury yacht, Main by Codecasa.The luxury…

T. Mariotti launches new luxury Yacht brand

13 April, 2020
Mariotti shipyard, a holding company founded by T. Mariotti and San Giorgio del Porto in 2008, has just launched a new luxury yacht brand called Mariotti Yachts; a € 9 million investment which will make the Italian ship builder far…

Gucci Aquariva gets Wallpaper Design Award as "Best Boat"

8 April, 2020
Gucci Aquariva has just received the prestigious Wallpaper design award in the category “Best boat”. Officially unveiled last September in Cannes and fruit of a collaboration between Riva and Gucci, this beautiful boat is the best the world has to…

Achille Lauro ' s yacht draws no buyers at auction

1 April, 2020
Born in Naples, Achille Lauro became one of the most important shipping magnates here in Italy with a vast fleet of ships to his name. A rather controversial figure, he was often compared with Aristotele Onassis. He also became major…

Italian design: Itama Open Days in Porto Ercole

18 March, 2020
Organised by Itama and MoMa Italia (its exclusive distributor here in Italy), the Itama Open Days event opened at Molo De Angelis in Porto San Ercole a few days ago; its open yachts, famous throughout the world for their elegance,…

Mauro Lecchi luxury Lamborghini power yacht

14 March, 2020
Surely the height of indulgence would be to produce a luxury yacht off the back of an Italian exotic supercar? Mauro Lecchi has done just that, making this version of a Lamborghini power yacht. The model is 50-foot long and…