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Covid, Dr Hillary Jones says insect repellent can kill Covid

The doctor from Good Morning Britain claimed the useful side effects of insect repellent, in particular in the spray called Citriodiol produced by MosiGuard.

insect repellent
insect repellent

Dr Hillary Jones from Good Morning Britain told that insect repellent may be effective to kill off Covid. He revealed that the magic ingredient in the spray called Citriodiol which is used in products including MosiGuard. This might be a tipping point in the battle to the virus.

Insect repellent against Covid

Jones declared that in Thursday’s show. Even though it can not replace the face coverings, social distancing also hand-washing, the product can make extra protection. The military has been using the spray on their skin and clothes, and droplets of Citriodiol kill off the Covid virus, some reported. Hillary notified that more research was needed to demonstrate the product actually worked but pointed out MosiGuard was already “flying off the shelves” as the news spread. And if the spray really works, it will only last for a few hours at a time and there is a risk it will irritate the skin.

DHillary said: “The military has been using this in addition to other PPE, visors and masks for example. The researchers at the military facility in Porton Down, where they do all the important microbiology research work, have found that you can use this, but the droplet with viruses and it will kill something like 100,000 viruses within one minute, and only ten remains.” He also added: “It’s not something you can take externally, it’s something that you can spray on, it’s a protective.”


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