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Covid, seven areas in UK with the worst infection rates

Updated Public Health England figures show seven areas in the UK having the biggest infection rates in the country.


Public Health England has published new figures where seven UK cities present worrying situations and the highest infection rates.

Covid, seven cities with the highest infection rates

In Hull coronavirus cases soared by 77% in a week, making it the second-worst covid hotspot in the country.

Hull is second only to Oldham which had the scariest leap in infection rate. North East Lincolnshire has the fourth worst rate followed by Kirklees, Wakefield and South Staffordshire. Scarborough had its covid figures rising from 159,1 to 418,4 in a week.

As well, in Melton infections went from 150,4 to 312,5.

This comes as Covid death toll in England rose by 532, bringing the official figures to 49,770 since the start of the pandemic. The announcement that the Pfizer and BioNTeck vaccine is 90% effective has made people hope again after months of desolation. Health Secretary Matt Hancock today announced England will be among the first countries to receive the coronavirus vaccine after it passes the safety tests and is approved by regulators, while the next vaccine candidate will probably be around in the summer. He confirmed: “It is next summer before the next vaccine candidate comes on stream, and so the focus of the roll-out plan at the moment is on delivering the Pfizer and the AstraZeneca projects if they pass the safety tests.”


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