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Covid, UK faces its highest daily surge since the pandemic started

Nearly 36,000 infections: this is the daily highest Covid cases increase since the beginning of the pandemic.

highest daily peak
new variant is worrying england

Nearly 36,000 new cases. The UK has faced its highest daily surge of Covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic. This brings the total number of infections up to 2,040,147.

UK, Covid hits its highest daily surge since February

On Sunday, December 20th, UK recorded its highest daily peak of infections since the start of the pandemic. Brits were hit by nearly 36,000 new cases. Deaths rose of 326, bringing the total up to 67,041, even though other stats have registered nearly 83,000 Covid related deaths.

95% of the cases were detected along the last four days before Sunday. The majority of them come from London and the south-east of England. It is too early, according to Dr Yvonne Doyle, medical Director at Public Health England, to tell if they are linked to the new variant.

“This sharp and sudden increase is of serious concern. What we do know is that the way of control this virus is the same, whatever the variant. It simply will not spread if we avoid close contact with others. Wash your hands, wear a mask, keep your distance from others, and reduce your social contacts.

By working together we have tackled this virus before. By holding the line over the next few weeks, it is possible we can do so again, as we continue to roll out the vaccine to the most vulnerable“. UK registered the last peak on November 12th, with 33,470 new daily cases.

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