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How will teachers grade GCSEs and A-levels in 2021?

Following the chaos that ensued following last year's cancelled exams, the government and Ofqual have announced their plans in advance.

The Government and Ofqual have revealed how students’ grades in England will be determined as GCSEs and A-levels have been cancelled this summer.

GCSEs and A-Levels grading method

Following the chaos that ensued following last year’s cancelled exams, the government and Ofqual have announced their plans in advance which includes scrapping the controversial algorithm used.

Teachers will be allowed to use a range of evidence when deciding grades, including mock exams, coursework or other work completed as part of the course, such as essays or in-class tests.

Exam boards will also supply teachers with optional assessment questions for students to answer to help schools in the process of awarding grades. It is thought that teachers will be given the ability to choose how long students have to finish the task, and where it will take place.

Teachers will have to present their grades to exam boards by June 18. The boards will then carry out quality assurance checks by doing a combination of random sampling and more targeted scrutiny. Usually students get their results in mid to late August however this summer, A-level students will receive their results on August 10 and GCSE pupils will receive their results on August 12.

bringing forward the dates will allow A-level students enough time to appeal their grades so that they do not miss out on their first choice university place for the autumn. Each student is able to appeal their grade and will not be charged for doing so. If pupils believe that their school did not follow the right process when deciding grades, or there has been an administrative error, they can appeal. They will also be able to apply for extenuating circumstances such as a bereavement at the time of an assessment.

An appeal will go through the school or college first and if a student is still unhappy with the grade, then the appeal can be raised with exams boards. Students will also be allowed to sit exams in the autumn.


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