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Nicole Sturgeon ready to ease restriction on outdoor meeting in Scotland

She indicated a change in the rules of the outdoor meeting.

The First Minister will make a statement about an easing on the restrictions on outdoor meetings in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon will announce it in Holyrood on Tuesday afternoon. She also will state the ongoing fight against Covid-19.

Nicole Sturgeon : ease restriction on outdoor meeting in Scotland

She indicated a change in the rules of the outdoor meeting. At the moment, the outdoor meeting can only allow for two people from two different households. Soon, it will change. Ms Sturgeon indicated good progress with the vaccination programme then the number of infections falls. It could be mean greater normality is firmly on the horizon.

She said, “I hope the Scottish Government may be able to make some relatively minor, but I think important, changes in our ability to meet outdoors and also how young people can interact with their friends outdoors”.

On Monday, Deputy First Minister, John Swinney confirmed some changes about the lockdown regime would be set out by Ms Sturgeon. He added: “The First Minister has been clear that we will try to relax lockdown as quickly as we possibly can do, but we have to do it sustainably. That means taking the appropriate steps in the appropriate sequence to make sure we don’t run the risk of the virus running away from us again.”

The easing of lockdown restrictions began in February. It marked with children in the first three years of primary, as well as nursery youngsters, who were able to return to the classroom. Older primary children are expected to return to school full time from next Monday, March 15. Secondary school pupils also to get some time back in the classroom from this date, before returning full-time after the Easter holiday.

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