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Blossoms: the first mass-attended music gig after pandemic takes place in a month

Blossoms is taking place on 2 May in Liverpool and fans will not have to wear masks or socially distance.

The Liverpool crowd will not be socially distanced.

Blossoms is the first mass-attended music gig after the Covid-19 pandemic that is taking place outdoors in Liverpool next month.

Blossoms: the first concert after pandemic

Blossoms will take place at Sefton Park on 2 May and only residents of the Liverpool city region can apply for the 5,000 tickets. Fans will not have to wear masks or socially distance during the show, but they must have tested negative the previous day. Also anyone pregnant or classed as clinically vulnerable can’t apply.

The concert is part of the government’s Event Research Programme which is running a series of test safety during mass gatherings: researchers will monitor audience movements and interactions during the concert.

The day after it, participants will be asked to take a Covid-19 test to track any possible spread of the virus.

The concert is part of the government’s Event Research Programme

The Culture secretary Oliver Dowden said: «We’re one step closer to a summer of live events now our science-led programme is under way. Testing different settings and looking at different mitigations is key to getting crowds back safely. The Sefton Park pilot is an important addition to the programme».

Melvin Benn, manager director of Festival Republic that is promoting the concert, added: «This gig is about our absolute commitment to demonstrate that we can and will open on June 21st». Claire McColgan, director of Culture Liverpool, said: «We should all be proud of the fact we’re part of this brave endeavor which looks to get this vital sector back up and running and resilient once again».

Tests taken during the concert will be crucial to understand how all kind of eventsfrom sport to weddings – could operate this summer. The goal is to comprehend how different approaches to social distancing, ventilation and testing protocols work in different venues and with a maximise participation.

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