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Boris Johnson accused of certain statements: he never wanted a third lockdown

Minister Johnson accused of saying that he prefers the piled bodies rather than closing the country for the third time.

Johnson and his statements on another lockdown
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson accused of his statements because he would never want a third lockdown. Rather, he would have preferred the Covid to assert itself and he was ready to see the bodies piled up.

Boris Johnson accused: he didn’t want a third lockdown

The accusations against Boris Johnson relate precisely to his claims about the Covid-19. He told his assistants that he wouldn’t close the country for a third wave. Rather, he would have said, he preferred to see the bodies of people piled.

Just yesterday, during a debate, someone spoke about these statements by Johnson from last September. He thought the lockdowns were crazy, because, in addition to closing people in the house, they are a detriment to the economy of the country.

However, Downing Street has stated that these claims are untrue: they are distortions of Johnson’s words during a debate. Boris Johnson also describes the charge as “rubbish”, although there have been allegations of how he would pay for the renovation of the apartment on Downing Street. If on the one hand, a spokesman for the latter says that Johnson would pay for himself, Chancellor Racheel Reves argues that this is just a way of covering up the truth.

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