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Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole: the family says the search was too short

Jimi tried to save a woman who fell in Thames from the London Bridge. His family says that search was too short.

The family of Jimi thinks the search was short
Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole

Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole was a 20-year-old boy who, after midnight, dived into the Thames with another man to save a woman who fell from the London Bridge. But the family of Jimi says the search was too short.

Search too short for the family of Jimi

Police and Coast Guard found the 20-year-old’s lifeless body almost six hours after diving. In fact, at the time of the incident, they saved the woman and the other man, but they did not find the body of Jimi. For this reason the young man’s father, Michael Adewola, told Sky’s microphones that according to him the time spent on research was too short (at the first moment, it lasted only an hour). In fact, he says that only an hour after the incident, a police officer went to their home and informed them.

Jimi was a nice guy for everyone, and on social media people define him as a brave and Samaritan hero for his gesture. His mother, Olasunkanmi Adewole, says in tears that she wants justice for the death of her son. And so she asks people for help.

When Jimi jumped in, he was with a friend, Bernard. He said someone else had to jump in to save everyone. As soon as Jimi heard about the woman in the river, he decided he had to step in despite the darkness. But only two people survived, and he wasn’t one of them.
The police searched until 1.20 in the night, and the tide was moving slowly. After searching all areas and finding no bodies, they decided to suspend the search. After a few hours the unpleasant find.


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