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UK Government sets up a fund for homeless

Almost 15.000 person at risk of being in the streets at the end of June when contracts between local authorities and hotels will expire.

homeless fund
government fund for rough sleepers

The UK government has allocated £85m in a new fund to avoid thousands of homeless coming back to the streets in July. According to housing minister, Robert Jenrick, they will be helped to secure their own rent under the new scheme.

Government’s fund for help homeless

Charities considered that 15,000 people were at risk eviction at the end of June. Because contracts between hotels and local authorities in England will expire. Approximately 7,000 people were on the street, and 2,000 were in communal night shelters, before the lockdown.

Jenrick said “The additional funding announced today will allow us to continue to support these individuals, giving them access to the accommodation and support they need now. We continue with plans to deliver thousands of long-term homes in the coming months.”

Remains to clarify whether homeless people who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF) because of their immigration status can have access to fund. London Councils considered that 900 of the almost 5,000 rough sleepers in London’s emergency accommodation are subject to NRPF restrictions.

Experts about homelessness issue

Jon Sparkes, chief executive of homeless charity Crisis, said: “This funding is a real step forward towards tackling homelessness across England. But money alone will not provide a guarantee of safe and secure accommodation during and after this public health crisis. We need emergency legal measures to ensure that every local council can provide housing support to everyone experiencing homelessness, regardless of their immigration status.”

Then Sparkes added “Across the country, we know that support is patchy and inconsistent. With councils often uncertain who they should be helping, and in need of clarity and direction from the government. In addition to this very welcome extra funding we need to see additional legislation.

Dame Louise Casey, chairwoman of the Covid-19 rough sleeping task force, thanked hotels and other providers. Considered “safe haven” for some of society’s most vulnerable members. She said: “We now have an extraordinary opportunity to help keep them in and turn their lives around if we get the next steps right.”

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