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Covid: Boris Johnson about lockdown changes

The review of lockdown rules is going to be announced by Boris Johnson at his Cabinet and Parliament at midday. Different regulation for each sector.

boris johnson
PM about to review lockdown measures

Boris Johnson is going to speak at the Parliament at 12.30 pm, presenting the report of lockdown changes due to Covid declining. Differences from sectors about the social distance.

Johnson will ease lockdown from July 4

The PM has declared that cinemas, museums and galleries can reopen on Saturday 4 July. Others statements in relation to pubs, hairdressers, hotels and restaurants will be transmitted during the speech. According to some leaked sources, Johnson will introduce a “metre” rule or “metre plus“. Leisure Industry would regain force if the two-metre rule will be cut.

The government has officially announced the start date of Saturday 4 July for cinemas, galleries and museums to resume activities. It is also going introduce a brief regulatory that comprehend one-way systems, spaced queuing, increased ventilation, and pre-booked tickets.

Two-metre rule’s cut

At midday Johnson will declare the final decision about the two-metre rule in England. Scientists warned about the risks connected to such reduction of distance to one-metre, which is 10 to 30 times higher. Nevertheless the number of infected is clearly lower now in UK.

Conservative’s MPs have asked to the Prime Minister to cut social distancing rule in order to give strenght to the economy. Otherwise the choice is up to Johnson, after advising with scientists and economists. In case of social distancing cut, personal safety devices will remain mandatory.

Shielded people

Health Secretary Matt Hancock claimed that shielding will be mitigated for 2.2million vulnerable people from July 6. Those people can stay with other friends and, in case they live alone they can create a “bubble” with another household. Then the recommendation to shield is going to finish in August 1. Concerns about the stop of the Statutory Sick Pay and direct food parcels for the shielding the same day. Widespread worries that relates to failure of having legal safeguard against people obliged to go back to work.

Pubs, restaurant and cafes

The reopening of Pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars, which refers to the group of “hospitality and leisure” venues has been expected from 4 July. It is not already know if they will be in the first wave of opening or the next.

Government will adress issue concerning guidance to be followed. Restriction relates to indoor areas, with a limited number of access. Perspex screens to separate table and obviously wear face masks. Then managers could have to set up a register of name to help contact tracing in case of an outbreak.

Hairdressers and barbers

This sector is not expected to reopen until July 4, but there isn’t a date already. Government is facing difficulties due to the close distance required to work. Hairdressers and barbers are asking to have a clear date. Scotland is in the same situation, while in Wales they might reopen from July 13. Further information are necessary but they can reflect face masks obligation and one-in, one-out policy.

The expansion of support bubbles

The Prime Minister is looking for new ideas to change the regulation to ease lockdown. In fact, the “support bubble” could be enlarged, permitting to more people to have close contact than before. Currently, the limit is of six people outdoors.

The social bubble system has allowed people from different household to stay togheter. But the rules specify that one of those households must have only one adult. Also the choice about the household is irreversible, fostering discomfort. “There will be an expansion of social bubbles, but the details are still being finalised”, a senior government source said.

Tourism sector in turmoil

The speech at the Parliament will cover also “hospitality and leisure” sectors, with particular attention to tourism. The focus will be on when and how hotels, caravan sites or campsites can reopen. In Wales the presence of shared facilities may lead to a longer close of campsites and hostels. However, the country ment to reopen static caravans, self-contained cottages and hotels with en-suite bathrooms from July 13.

Air bridges with selected states

Since June 8 people arriving in UK, including citizens, must follow a quarantine of 14 days. The revision of this regulation has a deadline for the next week. It is understood that UK will create some “air bridges” with certain countries avoiding the quarantine for those coming. The announce is expected from June 29. The government would discard its Foreign Office advice against all non-essential travel overseas. But it is not know if the PM will announce “air bridge” today at the speech.

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