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Covid, Boris Johnson set to impose strict three-tier system in England

Boris Johnson is set to impose his new three-tier system with pubs, bars and gyms forced to close in the hardest hit areas of England.

Boris Johnson to introduce 3 tier system

Boris Johnson is set to impose his new three-tier system. The system will force pubs, bars and gyms enforced to close and ban overnight stays and non-essential travel in and out of the areas in England with the highest level of Covid cases. Travel for work or education or emergency needs will be classed as essential.

Boris Johnson to announce 3-tier system

Boris Johnson will chair a Cobra Meeting on Monday morning to decide on the details with ministers before a televised briefing in the Commons. He will then address the nation this evening with Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Professor Chris Witty, the Chief Medical Officer for England by his side.

England will be divided into three tiers-medium, high, or very high risk. The idea is that the public will be more aware of the the restrictions that apply directly to them given the vast confusion experienced during Level 3 or very high risk areas will see the harshest measures imposed. From Wednesday, hundreds of pubs and bars in North England are set to be ordered to close for a month as a result of being in areas under this band.

All business forced to close as a result of the system will have two-thirds of each employee’s monthly wages of up to £2,100 paid by the Government. Those who live in under Tier 2 will be prohibited to mix with other households indoors or outdoors, while Tier 1 will see similar restrictions to those currently in place across England, including social distancing and mandatory face coverings in public spaces.

Merseyside and many other areas in the North West will be assigned as Tier 3. Restrictions will stay in place for a month as a minimum and then be reviewed, it is rumoured that this could remain in place for as long as six months.

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