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London, Covid infections on the rise with 6,200 a week

The capital is registering a huge rise in Covid cases across all age groups and the statistics are not very promising.

covid infecrtions london
covid infecrtions london

Coronavirus cases keep growing worldwide and the death toll has passed the million only last week. The latest official numbers about the UK are not very promising either, the figures published today register more than 6,200 new cases.

Covid infections on the rise in London

The official reports came out today and showed a huge increase in cases. In the seven days to October 4, there were 6,273 confirmed covid cases, while the previous week 3,965 were reported. The government had talked about a three-tier plan to prevent the rise of Covid cases and tighter restrictions could be imposed soon as the infection rate keeps on rising.

One reason for the huge rise in cases is due to more testing. The situation is getting worrying in the capital, although infection rates are a fifth as high as in the North, particularly in Manchester and Liverpool. Chairman of London Councils, Peter John said: “London doesn’t need to inevitably follow the North West and the North East in terms of infection rates and increased restrictions. But we can only avoid that if everyone follows the rules. If we do that, London has a fighting chance of emerging from this awful pandemic much sooner than we think.”

Helen Stokes-Lampard, chairwoman of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, said: “The figures for the number of cases in London are worrying. If the trend continues it’s just weeks away from being the same as what we are currently seeing in the North”.

Meanwhile, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says Londoners will soon need further financial help from the government if further restrictions will increase and hospitality venues won’t survive.


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