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New Covid Restrictions in England: facing the rising of new cases

The number of new cases in England is growing quickly. The country has to face new restrictions.

Covid Restrictions England
Covid Restrictions England

On Monday, England is set new Covid’s restrictions to face the rising of new cases. Pubs and restaurants could hut across parts of England within few days. The rules have been imposed by the government who preparing a tightened up of Covid-19 spread. Millions of people in the North could face new measurement from next week. It came after the fear that hospitals could be overwhelmed if action is not taken to curb the spike in Covid-19 infections.

A general look to the new Covid restrictions in England

Health secretary, Matt Hancock has met local leaders and talked to them in the North West. The meeting was expecting restrictions imminently. Downing Street and the Department of Health and Social Care both declined to comment on the reports. The measure, if confirmed, would, however, be another body blow for the hard-pressed hospitality industry in the regions already reeling from the imposition of the controversial 10 pm curfew.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is finalizing a package of financial support for the sector in the middle of fears of a fresh wave of job losses. Nicola Sturgeon announced strict new rules for central Scotland, that will make the area’s hospitality sector shut down for 16 days. In England, Nottinghamshire may set to be the latest area to face new restrictions following a surge in infections. The prospect of new measures comes between growing unrest over the existing controls, including among Conservative MPs.
Cases are continuing to surge across the UK, with confirmed infections rising by 14,162 on Wednesday and a further 70 deaths recorded.

Sir Keir asked why constituencies including the PM’s in west London was spared extra curbs while northern seats with lower levels of Covid-19 were hit with harsh measures. Sir Keir said, “The Prime Minister can’t explain why an area goes into restrictions, he can’t explain what the different restrictions are, and he can’t explain how restrictions end. This is getting ridiculous.”

But Mr Johnson insisted the Government would “continue with our package to suppress the virus not just nationally but locally and regionally as well”. The leaders of Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle city councils, Judith Blake, Sir Richard Leese and Nick Forbes joined Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson in writing to the Health Secretary to say they are “extremely concerned” about the rise in cases.
The Labour politicians wrote that the actual restrictions are not working, confusing for the public and some, like the 10 pm rule, are counterproductive. They called for additional powers to punish those who break rules, for new restrictions to be developed by police, council and public health experts, and for a locally controlled test and trace system. The leaders added, ‘We want to be clear that we do not support further economic lockdown.”

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