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New Covid lockdown system causes revolts in Liverpool and Merseyside

Liverpool major protests againts Boris Johnson as he is going to impose a new lockdown system due to Covid case surge in their territories.

Liverpool protests against lockdown
Nothern Leaders protest against new lockdown

Boris Johnson is facing adverse reactions from northern cities leaders as he is going to impose a three tier shutdown. On Sunday, October 11, the Prime Minister held a telephone conference with Cabinet colleagues to discuss the situation and the ongoing negotiations with the northern leaders, as he is going to announce new restrictions due to Covid case surge.

Details are to be confirmed, but rumours are that Liverpool and Merseyside will be facing three tier shutdown, meaning that pubs, bars, betting shops, casions and gyms would close, and that people will have to avoid non-essential travels.

Liverpool asks for financial support if it were to be imposed new restrictions

“We’re still continuing to try and find the fine detail that will give us some confort that, one, we can go to our nearly two million residents in the Liverpool city region and explain to them what it is that we’ve negotiated on their behalf, but also we wanted some surety from national Government that if we hit some of the milestons we can come out of the three tier very quickly” said Steve Rutheram, the mayor of Liverpool city region commenting the ongoing negotiations with the Government.

Similar but harsher words were tweeted by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson: “We have not agreed anything, we have been told this is what the Government intends to do with ‘no buts’“. He also added that London has to choose whether to offer financial support for people and business during the lockdown or to pay instead for people to be on benefits.

Revolts are growing faster also in Manchester, through the voice of Sacha Lord, night time economy adviser to the Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham. The mancunian has started legal proceedings to object to any impending Government restrictions on hospitality and entertainment venues across the north of England, since “there is no scientific evidence to merit a full closure of the hospitality and enternainment sectors“.

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