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Brexit talks resume as France will veto any ‘not good’ deal

The UK and Europe resume Brexit trade talks while the deadline is quickly approaching. Meanwhile, the prospect of a breakthrough is receding.


While the UK becomes the first western country to start mass vaccination next week, Brexit talks resume as the deadline is quickly approaching. On 31 December the transition period will finish and there is the risk no deal is approved.

Brexit trade talks resume

While the UK and EU resume Brexit trade talks, a senior UK government source has said the prospect of a breakthrough is receding. Time is running out and if the UK and Europe do not agree on a deal, they will have to follow World Trade Organization rules for trading which means they will have to welcome trade tariffs.

UK wants Europe to recognise it as a “sovereign and independent nation” and wants to find a fair deal to that basis. In the meantime, France Europe minister Clement Beaune has said France could veto any deal they are not happy with, as a trade deal would need to meet his country’s demands and need, for instance, key competitive areas like fishing rights.

“If there’s a deal that isn’t a good one, we’d oppose it,” Beaune confirmed, while EU Council President Charles Michel urged the EU to stay united as negotiations continue. Michel Barnier, the EU chief negotiator is now in London to continue trade deals talks. EU and UK continue discussions with the prospect to find a deal before the deadline at the end of the month.


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