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Andy warhol

Lapo Elkann opens his Milan house to Financial Times

24 April, 2020
In a long interview given to the Financial Times, Lapo Elkann, talked at length about his new house in Milan which the heir to the Agnelli Fortune personally redecorated. Located in Porta Ticinese, the house is 400 square metres in…

Andy Warhol's pop art on display at Upim stores in Milan

18 April, 2020
Upim stores here in Italy have gone through a major makeover and one of its representatives told reporters that although the stores will continue to be middle-class oriented, they  have in mind a few surprises for their customers. From now…

Ferragamo launches the Andy Warhol shoe

12 April, 2020
The only pair of shoes that Salvatore Ferragamo ever created for a man during his life was the one that he specially made for Andy Warhol; it’s well known that the American artist did not love to wear shoes at…

Ronnie Cutrone's works on display in Milan

21 March, 2020
Milan is hosting a fascinating exhibition dedicated to Ronnie Cutrone; the American artist who was Andy Warhol’s immediate assistant at the factory from 1972 until 1980, become famous for his big paintings of America’s favourite cartoon characters. Here at Lorenzelli…