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Italian dessert recipes: almond crunch for carnival

19 April, 2020
Italian desserts are many and varied, featuring biscuits, pastries, pies, tarts and of course, the tiramisu. But one time of year that really showcases Italian sweets is carnevale, the last party time before lent (traditionally a time of fasting) starts…

Carnival in Val d'Aosta

18 April, 2020
According to Il sole 24 ore, the most prestigious daily business newspaper in Italy, Aosta is Italy’s best city for quality of life. But we don’t want to talk about that. We are here to talk about something far more…

Carnival in Italy: the festival of Carnevale di Tivoli

10 April, 2020
It’s nearly Carnevale in Italy where carnival time marks the start of the period of Lent, 40 days before Easter. Obviously the Venice Carnevale is the most famous, although for Italians, the Carnevale of Viareggio is also an important celebration.…

Carnival in Venice: offers for Carnevale in Italy

1 April, 2020
The famous Venice Carnevale is to start soon, and Italy’s romantic city is ready for celebrations. This year’s rich program of events will start on February 14 and is called “Sensation – 6 sensi per 6 sestieri”.Among the program’s initiatives…

Balls and carnival in Venice: costumes and videos

28 March, 2020
In the video above you can see a news service on some of the scenes from Italy’s famous Carnevale in Venice, with all the masks and colour on display in St. Mark’s square. For anyone lucky enough to be in…

Visiting Italian alps: carnival in Trentino

27 March, 2020
With so much snow in Italy, this year’s Carnevale, or Carnival time before Easter, will be one to spend skiing in Italy, in the Italian alpine regions. An enchanting place to go is Sant’Orsola, Frassilongo and Palù del Fersina in…

Easter in Italy: traditions and folklore

26 March, 2020
“Pasqua” or Easter in Italy is a very important festival and holiday for the nation, more so than Christmas, as the church and Italians mark the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.The period before Easter, starting with Carnival to mark…