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Carnival in Italy: the festival of Carnevale di Tivoli

It’s nearly Carnevale in Italy where carnival time marks the start of the period of Lent, 40 days before Easter.
Obviously the Venice Carnevale is the most famous, although for Italians, the Carnevale of Viareggio is also an important celebration.

If you’re in central Italy, the most significant carnival event is in Lazio, at the Carnevale of Tivoli.

The ancient town of Tivoli will host events with jugglers, hot air balloons, and the classic parade of floats with more than 600 featured.

It’s a colourful time to enjoy the town and some of its traditions, including a taste of the “Castagnola” vanilla dessert (much like a fried sweet dumpling).
You could use the festival as a chance to see the famous Hadrian’s Villa or Villa d’Este as well (not the one on Lake Como, just to avoid confusion).
The Carnevale di Tivoli is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until February17th.

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