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First evening of the Sanremo Festival 2021: the highlights

The Festival of Sanremo 2021 has just begun and half of the artists in the competition have already performed. what are the first impressions?

Stage of the Ariston Theatre for the Festival of Sanremo 2021

Sanremo Festival, for Italians, is the most important event of the year, an event that allows you to feel united, in a community, that represents the spirit of the whole nation.

The festival was born in 1951 and every year the most famous singers of the Italian music scene participate.

It is held in the Ligurian city of Sanremo in the famous theatre Ariston. Waiting for the second evening of the festival, half of the singers in the race have already performed: let’s see the highlights.

Sanremo Festival : Highlights of the night

A performance that has not gone unnoticed is that of Måneskin, decidedly rock: the singer Damiano David can manage the stage and to feel fully at ease, thanks to the skills of the other members of the band. Their song is called “Zitti e buoni” and is extremely lively, engaging, powerful and almost aggressive; the band is currently in seventh place.

Dieci” by Annalisa is a love song, a bit nostalgic, reminiscent of the time spent together before finally separating. She managed to get, with her voice, 1st place in the ranking (it is provisional and incomplete) thus obtaining the highest score.

Even Noemi, 2nd in the standings, did not go unnoticed by her voice. It’s not her first time stepping on the stage of the Ariston theatre in Sanremo, but this is one of her best performances. His song is called “Glicine“.

Another artist who has established himself in recent years and has performed at the Festival is Fasma, with the song “Parlami“. It has a charm in its musicality and a good refrain and melody. In fact, at the moment, the singer is 3rd in the standings.

Aiello is also an artist who until recently was not very well known, but with the latest albums, he managed to achieve success. He performed with the song “Ora“: despite his good stage presence, his performance was not the best – perhaps for the emotion, who knows? – and currently is last in the provisional ranking.

Performance appreciated by the public is that of Madame, an artist of only 19 years but with a good performance. In her career she has also collaborated with other artists and rappers, such as Fabri Fibra, Marracash and Ghali and this has allowed her to achieve greater success. The song presented at the festival is called “Voce” and is very energetic and powerful. It is currently in 11th place on the chart.

Even Francesco Renga is not unknown to the public of Sanremo and the stage of his theatre. “Quando trovo te” is a more classical and less contemporary song than the ones in the race and perfectly embodies the style of the singer, 5th on the chart.

The duo composed by Francesca Michielin (Italian Eurovision Participant 2016) and Fedez presents the song “Chiamami per nome“, a pleasant mix between the sweetness of Francesca’s voice and the timbre of rapper Fedez. Now they are in 4th place.

Other singers to perform were the duo Colapesce Di Martino, Arisa, Max Gazzè, Coma_Cose and Ghemon.

Iconic moments of the night

Among the most iconic moments are the performances of guests invited to the Festival of Sanremo.

In addition to the stage entrance of the showman Rosario Fiorello, made up and dressed in a colourful flower cloak have performed important artists such as Diodato, winner of the festival last year, Loredana Bertè (who presented a new song) and Achille Lauro (who in recent years has participated as a competitor) with his spectacular performance. Also invited was the nurse Alessia Bonari, who became famous after posting on Instagram, last year, in the most difficult period of the pandemic, a photo of his face tired and marked after many hours of work. That photo went around the world in a few hours and the face of the nurse became iconic, indicating the hard work of doctors and health workers and difficulties, but also to make people aware of the gravity of the situation and the need to empower everyone.

The setlist of the Festival

1st night (Wednesday): an exhibition of half of the 26 artists

2nd night (Thursday): exhibition remaining half of the 26 artists

3rd night (Friday): an evening dedicated to covers. All artists will perform

4th and last night (Saturday): the artists will sing their song again and a ranking with the votes of demoscopic jury, press room and public (televote). Then the winner will be announced.

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