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Italian coffee

Guide to ordering coffee in Italy

22 April, 2020
Here’s our guide to ordering a coffee in Italy, especially for those of you wanting to live in Italy. Much like our guide to cooking pasta, it’s an easy to use, simple outline to a great Italian tradition. So:1. Un…

Italian pictures: motorcycle coffee break

13 April, 2020
This wonderful Italian picture shows just how much the Italians take their coffee seriously. The owner of this bike is using a little gas burner to make his Moka coffee off the back of his Moto Guzzi Stelvio bike. What’s…

Italian traditions: coffee, part one

11 April, 2020
It’s fairly common on travel blogs, to see a list of “the best (insert word) in the world”, and so it is in Ben Groundwater’s piece on where to get good coffee. And it’s no secret that Italy has the…

2010 Lavazza Calendar

10 April, 2020
The new 2010 Lavazza Calendar has been presented in Turin, dedicated to an international icon in Italian coffee. This year the calendar features top models, including Italian model Bianca Balti, and also Georgia Frost, Lydia Hearst, Daisy Lowe, Alexandra Tomlinson…

Caffe al bacio: coffee with a chocolate kiss in Naples

31 March, 2020
A bar in Naples is serving up a new take on Italian coffee, called the “caffé al bacio”. “Bacio” means ‘kiss’ in Italian, and much like the bacio gelato flavour, this involves using Italy’s premier hazelnut spread, Nutella.The caffé al…

World famous Bialetti Moka coffee moves production

29 March, 2020
The famous Italian brand of Bialetti, the little man with the moustache who makes coffee in a staggeringly huge percentage of Italian homes, will no longer be a ‘made in Italy‘ brand. Production of the Moka Express, the ubiquitous stove-top…

2011 Lavazza Calendar: love and coffee in Italy

20 March, 2020
The 2011 Lavazza Calendar has been created by Armando Testa and has gone all sexy and lovey-dovey for the new year. It is an annual publication which celebrates Italy’s most famous coffee brand. Love is the theme for 2011 where…

Traffic in Italy: scooters and pedestrian crossings

19 March, 2020
This funny video on driving in Italy, and crossing the road, was filmed in Trieste which makes me laugh, because it’s not famous for its traffic as, say, driving in Rome or Naples. Basically the trick in Italy is once…

Italian traditions: the barista and his espresso

18 March, 2020
In search of the perfect espresso can give you many varied experiences across the Italian peninsula, as Time correspondent Jeff Israely discovered. In his essay, Black Magic, he writes about the wonderful shared tradition, simple pass-time and community builder that…

Learn Italian online: word of the day is Cappuccino

16 March, 2020
The cappuccino is the essential element to any Italian breakfast and is the epitomy of milky coffee in Italy. It is usually drunk only at breakfast, and never after meals, as you can see in our cappuccino tradition post.Two theories…

Gennaro Pelliccia insures tongue for ten million pounds

15 March, 2020
Gennaro Pelliccia is an Italian coffee taster who works for the UK’s coffee chain company, la Costa, and who has recently had his tongue insured for the sum of ten million pounds.Whether for a publicity stunt or not, Gennaro’s tongue…