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Life in italy

Guide to ordering coffee in Italy

22 April, 2020
Here’s our guide to ordering a coffee in Italy, especially for those of you wanting to live in Italy. Much like our guide to cooking pasta, it’s an easy to use, simple outline to a great Italian tradition. So:1. Un…

Working in Italy: infamous Italian post tries nepotism

20 April, 2020
This will only make sense if you understand Italians. According to reports, the Italian postal service, Poste Italiane, is offering nepotism as a solution to its older and more expensive workers. Elderly postal workers will now be able to offer…

Victoria Beckham on life in Italy: la dolce vita

15 April, 2020
Victoria Beckham has revealed that she loves her life in Italy, and that it could be a future for David Beckham and the family.In an interview with Il Giornale, the former Spice Girl has said that she loves “spaghetti bolognese”,…

Americans living in Italy: how to survive Italian dinner parties

15 April, 2020
Having recently found myself at a dinner table in Italy with Americans, I find the following article on “The America manual“, for Americans in Italy, quite interesting.It’s all about trying to deal with conversations about your native country (in this…

The real Italy: interview with taxi driver in Rome

8 April, 2020
Who better than a cab driver to tell the story of a city? In Rome and Milan, we start a series of interviews with Italian taxi drivers, to glean the character of these complex and fascinating Italian cities.Two different cities,…

Hairdressing and massages in Italy: look for the Japanese

7 April, 2020
There is plenty of controversy and polemics in Italy regarding foreign workers, in Italian often called “extracomunitari” (whether derogatory or not). While foreigners have often filled the jobs that Italians no longer do on a large scale (as factory workers…

Advertising in Italy: Aussiebum posters appear in Milan

31 March, 2020
Advertising in Italy took an interesting turn this week, with posters for the Aussiebum guy’s underwear range (gay or not gay?) appearing around the city of Milan. My colleagues, generally holding a benign attitude towards Australia and not knowing much…

Traffic in Italy: scooters and pedestrian crossings

19 March, 2020
This funny video on driving in Italy, and crossing the road, was filmed in Trieste which makes me laugh, because it’s not famous for its traffic as, say, driving in Rome or Naples. Basically the trick in Italy is once…

100 sexy things to do in Rome

17 March, 2020
We saw the guide to where to fall in love in Rome, but here is one that might appeal more to your naughty side: 100 sexy things to do in Rome. It’s not just about romance in Rome, or getting…