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Life in Milan: gyms, Italian women and getting their clothes off

I recently came across this very funny account of going to the gym in Italy, or more specifically, going to the gym in Milan, and how to mix it with the beautiful set when you’re a self-conscious, Anglo-Saxon Aussie.

Jane Parkin relates her story of going to an exclusive Milan gym in the Duomo district, the Skorpion Center, which involves getting your gear off in front of some of the world’s most stylish people.

Italians really know how to do fashion, as seen in the video of “how to dress like an Italian“; there are rules about how you accessorise like an Italian, and walk like an Italian and toss your hair like an Italian.

As Australians really know how to be prudish, it’s a lethal combination.
Not only are Italians unashamed of nudity or nakedness, they flaunt it – especially when you have a perfect solarium tanned, health spa treated body.
After Jane’s indulegence in the various pasta dishes and other culinary delights that don’t do wonders for anyone who doesn’t have an Italian metabolism, she finds herself in the changing room surrounded by beautiful Italian women in their sexy Italian lingerie… read the story to find out more.

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