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Italian family life: the dolce vita explored in photography exhibition in Rome

A free Italian photography exhibition is being held at Rome’s Museo Centrale del Risorgimento.
The photos are of Italian family life, including weddings, holidays, birthdays and snapshots of the identity of families from Lazio.
The exhibition is called “Famiglia: fotografie e filmini di famiglia nella regione Lazio” or “Family: photos and film of family life from Lazio”.

The exhibition runs until May 10 and marks the end of a project that sees a collection of photos from family albums, produced by the people themselves and donated to the project.
Over the course of three years, 10,000 family photos and 100 films have been collected, which you can view on fotofamilia.

Similar to last year’s exhibition of 19th and 20th century photography in Modena, the photography gives a fascinating insight into just how much Italian society and family has changed.
The exhibition is designed to encourage studies of identity, territory and family.
If you love retro art and photography, take a look at the catalogue by Gangemi Editore which explores the human life expressed in photography.

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