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Italian art exhibitions

Capitoline Museums in Rome host Beato Angelico exhibition

25 April, 2020
It’s the first great exhibition devoted to Beato Angelico: The Dawn of The Ranaissance since 1955 (two major exhibitions dedicated to this great Tuscan artist which took place in Florence and the Vatican in the 1950s). This time visitors will…

Vigevano to host Leonardo da Vinci events

23 April, 2020
The town of Vigevano, near Pavia, will host a series of important events called “Leonardo e Vigevano” and devoted to one of the greatest geniuses in history: Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo sojourned in Vigevano, back then part of the Milan…

Art exhibition in Padua: the Venetian city by Flemish artists

23 April, 2020
A new art exhibition in Padua is opening, putting on display the artworks owned by the Banca Antonveneta, as part of the bank’s private collection acquired over years of purchases. The exhibition runs from September 12th to November 4th.The artworks…

Art, and Christmas markets in Rome for Christmas

22 April, 2020
With Christmas on the way and a new feel in the air, Rome is more beautiful than ever. Fairy lights and decorations make the city look like an old and nostalgic aristocrat waiting for her name to be announced at…

Leonardo da Vinci's Atlantic Code on display in Milan

14 April, 2020
The city of Milan is hosting an extraordinary art exhibition called The Codice Atlantico or Atlantic Code and entirely devoted to one of the greatest geniuses of all time: Leonardo da Vinci. The famous Atlantic Code which is the largest…

Mantegna's masterpiece " San Zeno" back on display in Verona

11 April, 2020
After two year restoration, Mantegna’s masterpiece “Saint Zeno” will be back on display at the Church of San Zeno in Verona. The famous altarpiece will be unveiled on 21 May, the feast day of the city’s patron Saint Zeno. Actually…

Leonardo's Vitruvian Man on display in Venice

8 April, 2020
Leonardo da Vinci’s world famous Vitruvian Man is appearing in Venice for a short exhibition for the first time in seven years of not being on display to the public. The Gallerie dell’Accademia will host the precious drawing, which shows…

Caravaggio's Conversion of Paul (or Saul) on display in Milan

5 April, 2020
Our colleagues over at 02 blog told us about this amazing exhibition called Caravaggio a Milano or Caravaggio in Milan on display at Palazzo Marino in Milan until 14th December. Actually this exhibition consists of only one painting, The Conversion…

Michelangelo on Second Life in "Musei in Comune 2.0"

29 March, 2020
Ancient Rome in 3D is on Google Earth, there is the Virtual Museum of the Ancient via Flaminia, and soon we will have more Italian art exhibitions on Second Life. The first Italian project on Second Life was Experience Italy,…

Italian art exhibitions: "Gonzaga delle Nebbie" in Mantua

27 March, 2020
People call them Gonzaga delle Nebbie or the Gonzaga from the mists and this noble and powerful family will be the chief attraction of the new exhibition that will open its doors to the public at Palazzo Pubblico at Rivarolo…

Brothels and escort services in Milan

25 March, 2020
Escort services and brothels, at least the official ones, are from times gone past in Milan, as in the 50’s a law was passed to close brothels in Italy. It is a law that has never been reversed, and so…

Art Exhibitions: Massimo Sansavini's Passions on display in Milan

21 March, 2020
Massimo Sansavini’s soft, delicate works are undoubtedly much loved by the public. After Kindergarten and Flower Power, two art shows entirely dedicated to this artist, we will be able to see another exhibition at the Galleria’s world artists in Milan…