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Giorgio de Chirico 's works on exhibition at Palazzo Mauro de Andrè in Ravenna

Giorgio de Chirico became famous when after 1910 he started painting disconnected and unsettling dreams images, giving thus birth to a style known as metaphysical painting; his influence on surrealism was great and many of his works of the period were memorable for their haunted symbolism and brooding atmosphere.

So if you are interested in his art you can’t afford to miss this new exhibition called ” Giorgio de Chirico il metafisico ovvero il teatro degli enigmi” or Giorgio de Chirico: the art of enigma that will take place at Palazzo delle Arti Mauro de André in Ravenna.

The exhibition which features more than 130 works (including drawings and jewellery) will run from 29th August to 15th September.
For further information go to Cerbero website

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