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Porsche Panamera videos

19 April, 2020
After yesterday’s first pics of the Porsche Panamera Gran Turismo and the official release details, today we give you two videos of the new Porsche sedan.At some angles the Panamera looks really lovely, and while Porsche has worked hard on…

Porsche Panamera: official release

3 April, 2020
The question with this new Porsche model is: has Porsche managed to propose the same alluring style with its Panamera as the rest of the models in the range? After our previous post on some of the basics of this…

Auto Zeitung Auto Trophy: SLS AMG top supercar

2 April, 2020
The Auto Trophy 2009 awards have been given by Auto Zeitung after reader surveys of about 105,000 participants. Obviously the local German cars were very successful, with Audi taking home a total of 40 percent of votes across all categories,…

New photos: Porsche Panamera

28 March, 2020
After the Panamera official release and video, Porsche has released more photos of its sedan, after the initial gallery.The highly stylised images are lovely, but I’m still unconvinced…this just doesn’t speak Porsche to me. I think it’s probably a question…

Porsche Panamera: in production from April 2009

27 March, 2020
Many analysts in the automobile world think that the golden era of SUVs is set to finish and that, in their place, the market will orient itself again towards the large sedans. While waiting for this to happen car manufacturers…

Panamera road test video

22 March, 2020
The guys at Autocar have been among the first to road test the Porsche Panamera, testing the 4.8 litre, V8 turbo charged version with 500 hp and 700 Nm. The whole point of the test drive? To check whether the…

Porsche Panamera diesel confirmed: Cajun production in 2015

21 March, 2020
The Porsche Panamera diesel is on its way, announced by Porsche president Matthias Muller in an interview with German magazine, Westfalen-Blatt. The Panamera diesel should be ready as early as the second half of 2011 and will expand the range,…