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Smart escooter

Mini E Scooter Concept live pics

25 April, 2020
Just how good is the design of the new Mini Scooter E Concept? In a mix of Chinese and vintage style, the company has managed to squeeze as much Mini personality onto its two-wheeled concept as possible, as seen in…

Smart eScooter official pics

20 April, 2020
Here are the first pics of the Smart eScooter - the prototype electric scooter which will go on display at this year’s Paris motor show. It has a very prototype style about it at the moment but the design is…

Smart eScooter live at 2010 Paris motor show

9 April, 2020
The Smart eScooter is considered one of the more ‘bizarre’ elements at the 2010 Paris Motor Show but for us on TwoWheels it makes sense for a brand like Smart to develop an electric scooter model. We’ll be bringing you…

Mini E Scoooter concept official pics

18 March, 2020
Check out the difference in style between the new Smart eScooter and the Mini electric scooter, also dubbed the E Scooter. In a mix of psychedelia and vintage, Mini seems to have the quirky thing going on in its scooter…