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Tiber river

Boating and tourism on Rome's River Tiber

10 April, 2020
Rome’s tourism board is working on an ambitious project that aims to restore boating to the Tiber River, in a project that should see genuine attempts to return to tourism on the river.The boating and tourism project should see small…

Rome's summer nightlife: Estate Romana 2010 programme

29 March, 2020
With summer just around the corner, Rome is preparing to welcome tourists with a spectacularly rich programme and a series of events such as Lungo il Tevere di Roma 2010 which, as you can imagine for yourself, revolves around the…

Flood alarm in Rome

20 March, 2020
The Corbara dam near Orvieto is an artificial barrier that impounds the waters of the Tiber river; it was built to generate electricity by water power. In order to prevent the Tiber waters from overflowing (heavy rains have inflated the…