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Touring rome

Rome's task force against art vandals

24 April, 2020
Touring Rome is more than enough for us to realise the historical and cultural patrimony of the city, but what we don’t always realise is how much Rome’s monuments and artworks are the subject of vandalism. Now, in the height…

Touring Rome: the gardens of Sallust

17 April, 2020
Touring Rome can take in many hidden secrets of the city and today we explore a less well known area of Rome: the Gardens of Sallust also known as Horti Sallustiani. In ancient times, the gardens belonged to Roman historian…

Boating and tourism on Rome's River Tiber

10 April, 2020
Rome’s tourism board is working on an ambitious project that aims to restore boating to the Tiber River, in a project that should see genuine attempts to return to tourism on the river.The boating and tourism project should see small…

Touring Rome: cycling the Appian Way

9 April, 2020
Cycling in Italy, particularly in Rome, obviously has its romantic pleasures, and in the eternal city you can only imagine the stunning streetscapes and history you can explore when cycling. The Appian Way is perfect for a cycle in Rome…

Rome by night by bicycle

8 April, 2020
Summer in Italy’s capital of Rome marks a hot and busy city until the locals start to head for the seaside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy things from a different point of view. In fact, the eternal city…

IPhone app to jump entrance queues at Colosseum

4 April, 2020
Dream of touring Rome without the queues? Now you can with an iPhone app that lets you jump the queue at the Colosseum, which is particularly handy in the height of the Italian summer tourist season. The application ‘i-Mibac- Top…

Touring Rome: rare visits to art and archaeological sites

26 March, 2020
Some of Rome’s architectural and historic treasures are being opened for special guided tours run by Italy’s environmental organisation, FAI. Places such as the Temple of the “Ninfe” and “Porta Asinaria” will open for rare, free guided tours by FAI.The…