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Epiphany in Italy: celebrating La Befana

8 April, 2020
The Italian tradition of “La Befana” or the witch who appears at Epiphany is one close to Italian hearts. It marks the end of the Christmas season and New Year festivities, and despite the commercial figure of Santa Claus bearing…

Organic food festival, Urbino 3-4 October 2009

7 April, 2020
With this new festival dedicated to healthy, GMO free food and organized by the Institute of Natural Medicine, the city of Urbino steps into the spotlight once again. From 3 to 4 October, people will have the opportunity to take…

Health spas in Italy: weekend packages for the Marche

23 March, 2020
Keeping in the theme of beauty farms and health spas in Italy, the Due Campanili hotel in the Marche has a spring package for a weekend offer in Italy including accommodation, food and health spa treatments.The hotel is at Montemaggiore…

Italian art: Raffaello on exhibition in Urbino

21 March, 2020
Along with the exhibitions devoted to Della Robbia and Giotto, this year we’ll have the rare opportunity to see Raffaello ‘s juvenile works which will be on display at the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in Urbino from 5 April 2009…