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Vintage vespa

Vintage Vespa in carbon: Nerocarbonio Vespa

21 April, 2020
After having looked at the lovely Bimota DB7 Nerocarbonio at Milan’s Design Week, on display was also a Nerocarbonio Vespa in carbon fibre. The vintage Vespa GS has been completely restored with carbon, which you can see in the photo…

La mia Toscana in Vespa: book by Ben Birdsall

19 April, 2020
If you’ve ever wanted to tour Tuscany on a vintage Vespa, now is your chance - only you’ll have to read a book. On June 20, Ben Birdsall’s book, “La mia Toscana in Vespa”, will be presented at the Castello…

New Vespa museum in Ravenna

11 April, 2020
The new Vespa museum, called ‘Collezione Vespa Mauro Pascoli” was opened last Saturday in Ravenna, at the Mir di Fornace Zarattini, in the presence of 12,000 people.Dedicated to the legendary scooter, the museum extends across more than 500 square metres…

Sexy bikers: 60 years of Vespa girls

27 March, 2020
Vespa might not be the brand that first springs to mind on thinking of sexy bikers, but there’s a bevvy of sexy Vespa girls doing their thing for the Vespa image. Check out this video from SoloMoto30 and its collection…

1963 vintage Vespa pics

23 March, 2020
Here are some shots I took of an old Vespa, which was on the bench in the entrance to a restaurant where we had dinner on the weekend. The Vespa features two separate saddles for the rider and passenger, along…