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Places Where You Can See Animals Doing Weird Stuff


There are places where you can meet cows as fierce as real fighters, rays that want cuddles and pigs that sunbathe on the beach with human tourists. In short, those who love animals and want to take the opportunity to witness some very special behavior, may find these destinations really interesting.

Swimming With Rays – Stingray City, Grand Caiman

Stingray City is a large natural pool with shallow waters. Here you can immerge yourself while dozens of rays come to swim nearby. These animals are wild but are used to the presence of humans.

As a result, they interact with them without any danger. In fact, they let themselves be caressed, photographed and play willingly without attacking or stinging.

Animals on the Beach – Pig Beach, Bahamas

It is one of the most instagrammed beaches in the world because of the presence of nice local pigs. This beach is located on a small island uninhabited for years, with the exception of about twenty pigs, which have become a real tourist attraction. It is a protected reserve, but you can touch the pigs, take the puppies in your arms and bathe with them.

Climbing Goats with a Sweet Tooth – Morocco

What are dozens of goats doing perched on argan trees in Morocco? They are simply satisfying their gluttony by eating the leaves rich in water and the fruits of this tree. These cute animals, which have become as agile as real monkeys, also play an important role in the ecosystem. By chewing the fleshy pulp of the fruit and spitting the seeds, in fact, they help to spread the plant after the huge forest devastation of the past decades. Nowadays, goats have become so good at climbing that they can reach a height of up to ten metres.

They Look Like Flowers, but They Are Monarch Butterflies – California

They all stand together, leaning against the branches of the trees so as to seem a delicate flower. Instead, they are monarch butterflies, protagonists of one of the most exhausting migrations of the animal kingdom. In fact, the long and dangerous journey of thousands of kilometres towards more suitable climates is often made by the same generation of insects. In other cases, however, the migration is completed by the second generation and, sometimes, also by the third.

The Fighting Cows of the Aosta Valley – Italy

Cows are gentle and peaceful animals par excellence. However, in Valle d’Aosta they are the protagonists of a real fight tournament taking place every summer. The clashes between cows are bloodless, but the struggle for dominance is still evident. Everything is based on glances, mooing and some shoving. The cow that manages to pull back and then subdue the others after a series of direct clashes is the winner. The final of the tournament called “Bataille des Reines” – the Battle of the Queens – takes place every year autumn in Aosta.

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