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Here Are the Best Green Inventions for a More Eco-friendly Future

green inventions

The Earth is at risk due to the constant use of environmentally harmful products and non-renewable energy sources. In addition, multinationals are not afraid to deforest, pollute massively and damage the ecosystem in any way they can. Fortunately, however, some companies have chosen the path of sustainability, introducing into the market products which respect the environment.

Let’s get to know some of these companies and their most innovative green inventions.

Green Inventions – The Edible Water Bottle

Spanish engineers Rodrigo García González, Guillaume Couche and Pierre Paslier have patented in 2014 a container of water composed of algae and other plants.

The peculiarity of this container (called Ooho) is that it can be safely ingested together with the water. As a result, it is a perfect substitute for bottles, glasses and other plastic containers, all of which are difficult to dispose of.

Eco-sustainable Furniture Resin

A company named Manufract has invented a biological resin similar to that used by trees to repair their “wounds”. This resin would allow parts of damaged wood to be glued perfectly, making them reusable and greatly reducing the environmental impact of deforestation. Although strong competition has put Manufract’s products out of business, many other companies are starting to move in the same direction, taking advantage of this innovation.

Solar Powered Kitchen

The company S.C.I. – Solar Cookers International – is known for the spread of systems for cooking food through solar energy. Although not the first to think of such a method of cooking, the S.C.I. has allowed a large scale spread of these useful solar panels, offering the world an alternative to the classic methods of cooking with gas or electricity.

PaqSule, the Smart Bag

The PaqSule is a smart bag that can deodorize, disinfect and refresh clothing used during physical activity without using any type of chemicals. All you have to do is press a button to start the washing cycle! In this way you can save water and avoid the use of detergents for washing gym clothes.

The Alternating Jet Nozzle

Altered has created a very useful nozzle for sinks that guarantees perfect management of water flows. The alternating jet allows a range of spills from the maximum flow to the atomisation. This function can help reduce water consumption by up to 98%.

Agar Plastic

Agar is a natural gelling material made from certain types of red algae. This product is the basis of AMAM’s revolutionary biodegradable plastic, which could in the future completely replace the harmful common plastic.

The Interactive Waste Bin

TetraBin has designed a smart garbage bin with an interactive cover, which would reproach or praise people based on their use (or non-use) of the bin. The sensors located inside and outside the bin trigger the interaction, thus stimulating people to throw away their waste correctly.

The Habitable Eco-capsules

One of the main negative environmental impact factors for common dwellings concerns their use of non-renewable energy sources. For this reason, Ecocapsule has created ecological habitable capsules for two people powered by solar and wind energy. This invention could really give rise to a turning point in the building sector.

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