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Covid, China: second wave, 700,000 in lockdown in Shulan

Second wave of Covid in China with 700,000 inhabitants in lockdown in Shulan, a city on the border with Russia, the new epicenter of the pandemic.

covid china second wave
Covid, second wave in China: lockdown in Shulan

The city of Shulan, China, undergoes the second wave of the Covid pandemic and takes Wuhan’s place as the new epicenter. Its inhabitants, 700,000, are in strict lockdown so much that for family unit only one person is allowed to go out to do the shopping, for no more than 3 hours and not every day.

China, second wave of Covid

Shulan is located in Jilin Province in northeastern China and close enough to the border with Russia. All residential complexes in the city are closed and no one can enter or leave there, while local supermarkets are responsible for delivering basic necessities directly to the home.

The China Daily newspaper reports that exit and entry from Shulan is granted only with special permits or emergencies. The transport and school system are in total lockdown, anyone who violates the lockdown and the strict rules imposed will be severely punished, according to the newspaper.

Jilin province is the hardest-hit area

From 10 May 2020 the city of Shulan is sealed, it is not known when and if the restrictive measures will be relaxed. It seems that the first case broke out in a group of people close to a woman who tested positive for Covid, but had not had contact with the foreign sector or the health sector.

In China the situation is under control, in the last 24 hours there have been 6 new cases of infection with symptoms and another 17 without, 3 of them in Mongolia. The National Health Commission has stated that these outbreaks can be detected in Jilin province, but that Beijing remains the city of greatest concern: in recent days there have been 39 infections.

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