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Israeli bombing of Gaza Strip in response to new attack

After a Hamas attack with 200 rockets, Israel retaliates with a bombardment in the Gaza Strip leaving people dead.

It has been an intense few days in the Gaza Strip. In response to 200 rockets fired by Hamas, the Israeli government was able to strike several targets of the Islamic group.

Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip

However, these attacks also left up to 700 people injured and around 20 dead, mainly Palestinians.

This prompted international condemnation, led by the UN and its Secretary General António Guterres.

Israeli bombing targets

In the early hours of 11 May 2021, the Israeli army confirmed its attack on 130 Hamas targets, in response to the launch of several rockets aimed at Israeli territory.

The IDF was reportedly able to locate several points of attack, including: a house housing a senior Hamas commander, next to one of the group’s intelligence headquarters, and a pair of attack tunnels (not to mention a weapons manufacturing site with rocket production and storage).

In this way, according to the Times of Israel, they were able to eliminate about 15 members of the terrorist group. The other targets were Islamic Jihad.

For its part, the Palestinian agency WAFA compiled reports that Israel’s attacks also had an impact on material damage in various areas that suffered power cuts. Attacks have been reported in areas such as: eastern Jabalia, western and eastern Khan Yunis, the south of the Strip and eastern Al Fojari.

This is in addition to air attacks in southern Gaza and reported raids in northern Gaza.

At the same time, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) also reported that at least 6 civilians were injured by rocket fire from the Gaza Strip (including south of Ashkelon). An attack that has been confirmed by Hamas members who claim that they are in response to IDF attacks.

International condemnation of Israel’s bombardment

With regard to the devastation of the civilian population, the shelling detected during Monday and Tuesday resulted in the death of at least 20 people and the registration of approximately 700 injuries. The above is taken from the report on Israeli aggression in different areas of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

All of the above led to the organisation of protests which also resulted in deaths and injuries.

Finally, several international voices were raised to condemn the confrontation. Thus, António Guterres expressed his dismay and shared his suggestions for dealing with the conflict with “maximum moderation”. Other voices were added to this appeal, such as that of Antony Blinken, Secretary of the United States.

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