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Mercedes MBrace system tracks down Boston Marathon bombers

During the recent Boston Marathon explosions the suspects hijacked a Mercedes ML to run away after placing the bombs.
After discovering that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had stolen the German SUV, American police contacted Mercedes-Benz USA asking for help in finding and tracking down the two criminals’ whereabouts.

Mercedes engineers were able to trace the stolen car’s location using GPS signal from the new MBrace system, which featured the Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance function, a special remote controlled navigation application.

The search for the Boston’s terrorists was supported by the use of Mercedes MBrace system that, in case of theft or other special circumstances, can control the car remotely.

Luckily the owner of Mercedes ML managed to activate the navigation system of the car, also enabling the remote control function via smartphone.
In addition to the aforementioned functions, the MBrace application can make the use of any Mercedes vehicle easier and pleasant.
By using an iPhone is possible to control the car remotely, lock or unlock it and find it in a parking lot in case you do not remember where you parked.

Other interesting security functions feature on this amazing App, such as remote diagnosis of faults, automatic Roadside Assistance and even an SOS button that can call for rescue and report the vehicle location in the event of an accident.
Mbrace makes each trip more enjoyable with its Concierge system that finds restaurants, hotels, interesting locations, leisure places and enter their address directly into the navigation system, or into a smartphone to simplify bookings or to just discover additional information.

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