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Paul Bird Motorsports declares innocence in drug affair and will be present at Monza

The news that a large quantity of drugs and a firearm were found in one of Kawasaki’s World Superbike team truck’s during a custom’s control spread like wildfire yesterday amongst fans and followers after an article published by UK’s The Telegraph.

After a day of speculation, jokes (plenty of those on forums) Paul Bird Motorsports has finally issued an official statement regarding the matter declaring that no member of the team is involved with the alleged trafficking.

“Following media speculation, Paul Bird Motorsport can confirm that a quantity of banned substances had been deposited in a race transporter while the vehicle was in Holland attending the recent Assen World Superbike event.

” The substances, along with a number of other illegal items, were discovered upon the vehicle’s return to the UK at the port of Dover during a routine examination by HM Customs.
Naturally, the discovery came as a shock to the whole team, including those who were present during the search.
The team are confident that no team member has any connection whatsoever with the items discovered.

No one has been detained after the time of the search and all team members are able to undertake their normal duties.
There is no suggestion of the Paul Bird Motorsport Team being involved in illegal activities and no other team members have been interviewed following the incident.
The team staff present at the time of the search and discovery enjoy the full support and confidence of the team and all involved are determined to offer their full cooperation to HM Customs in their ongoing investigations.
Understandably, the team are now taking stringent measures to increase the security of their vehicles as they travel throughout Europe in future.
Despite the personal effect on the team, Paul Bird Motorsport will be attending the next World Superbike event at Monza, Italy at full strength and with a determination to focus on the Championship.

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